Referral Program

Local Program 

Do you know someone who is looking to buy or sell real estate? As a Realtor, referrals are the best compliment you can give me. When you refer either a Buyer or Seller to me (who is new to me), I will introduce myself and ensure their real estate experience is a success.  When the purchase or sale is complete, I will simply send you a cheque! 

Out of Area Program 

The referral program also benefits those moving out of the Lower Mainland, province or country. Let me handle the search for a qualified Realtor by using my exclusive database. I will research to find a Realtor who will best service their needs and contact them directly to pre-interview to ensure a good fit.  Once the agent has contacted the client and they agree to work together, a referral form is sent from me to the referred agent stating what the referral fee will be. The fee is usually based on the overall commission collected and/or paid.  Once the purchase or sale is complete, I will send you a cheque!

Your referral will help us to connect and let them know how I have helped hundreds of people make their move in today’s real estate market. Simply pass on my name or their name and I will take care of the rest!

Contact me today for more details about this exciting referral program! 

Disclaimer: The scenarios provided are examples only and individual commission rates may apply.  The commissions are calculated after any taxes and are withstanding any leans, title issues, or monies owing on the property under contract.  Foreclosures, flat rate or reduced rate real estate companies or short sales do not apply.  Referral fees are paid out after the legal completion of the sale. If, for any reason, a sale does not complete, I do not earn any commission and therefore in that circumstance this offer cannot be fulfilled.